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We TIers are a hardy lot. Since we have not been able to buy "off the shelf" for a long time, we had to make our own stuff.



This is a 90 degree down 9 pin adapter for my joystick port on my second TI system. Note the tight fit. The uprights on it make for easier removal.



The cable attached to it is a WICO joystick adapter.



Here is the WICO joystick adapter. It is permanently attached underneath the desk to the left of where my beautiful beige console sits.



Here is another 90 degree down 9 pin adapter attached to the WICO. My joystick for this system is attached.



This is the first one I made. Note that it goes up. Didn't like it as much so went with the down models.


How about you? Any doo dads?

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As a freelance photog for decades, I had a darkroom long before I met my wife. The room doubled as my cave. Darkroom's gone but the cave lives on! She has her own sewing room to turn into a temporary cluttercluster, workspace for her own projects, sometimes even some sewing. :) She even has a yard shed to herself. As we both grow older, things get parked here or there in the house for a few days, no complaints from either of us for the other's temporary mess.


For about a month or longer, I've had my TI sidecar taken apart and a breadboard with test circuits all wired up and other clutter on the pantry shelf that's in my cave. I finally at least moved it to a shelf out of direct view of the kitchen, which only took a few minutes to do. All good. Nary a word or a "look" all those weeks. Ya gotta love her! :lust:


As close to marital bliss as any man could hope for!


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I made a little Doo-Hickey to fit in the drive bay of my P-Box.


The first part is a mini control panel for the HDX


I can easily re-enable the interrupt and I can even turn off power to the battery backed DSR if it gets corrupted for any reason, sort of a reset.

Now I don't need to open up the P-Box and pull the card & battery if there is a small glitch.



Temperature gauge


After I installed a whisper quiet fan, I wanted to insure temps did not climb too high, but I didn't want to deface the P-Box. So I mounted it in here.


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Joystick I cobbled together years ago to go with my "portable" TI system that I brought to VAST meetings. The joystick itself is actually a product that was made for a C-64 that more or less clipped on the right side of the computer. I hacked off the plastic clip and mounted it on my adapter. This device actually sits pretty nice on the left side of a TI computer.



The ball is from a Hunter alignment machine wheel plate. It was like a lazy susan so my techs could turn the front wheels on a vehicle they were aligning to the left or the right.

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I put one of these together today. I ordered some a few weeks ago.


I designed a simple (very simple) FlashGrom99 control board.


I ordered one of my FG99 cartridges without the LED or reset switches purposely.


I wanted to be able to stash my TI-99/4A wherever and just run some wires so the 99/4a is out of sight (desk space needed) and I have the LED, FG99 and TI99 Reset close to me.


It works like a charm.


I have a few blank boards if anyone want's one, a couple of bucks plus shipping or I can put one together for $5. (PM me)


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