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How long will the 360 store be up?

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I just got an Xbox 360 and am having a blast with it. Great system.


That being said i'm aware the PS3 store is shutting down soon and want to make sure to download everything I can while its still up.


I have hopes it may be up for a while as it's very fast and current looking compared to the PS3 store. Also--a lot of 360's were sold and are still in use, and the Xbone adoption rate has been slow, all improving its chances of staying up longer.


Anyone heard anything concrete?

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Where did you see that the PS3 store is shutting down?? Google doesn't find any info on that.


Nintendo has announced that the Wii eshop will be gone in 2019, but the only announcement Sony has made is that there will no longer be 'free' PSN+ games for PS3/Vita starting Spring 2019.

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Microsoft is still pushing the 360 pretty hard on XBOX One... so I would be surprised if they kill it soon... especially since Gamestop is still selling 360 games.


That said, I would assume next year we'll start to see these go away. The Xbox One is already 5 years old!! Can you believe it?!

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The only thing I've seen for any sort of change is Playstation Plus freebies will cease including PS3 content, as boog already said.


I don't believe there's any threat to either store anytime soon. Especially the Xbox 360 store with Microsoft's backwards compatibility initiative spurring on purchases regularly and millions of players, a fair number of which surely are still on original hardware, still playing popular 360 games online with a paid Xbox Live subscription.


I hope neither one disappears anytime soon. There's easily $250 worth of stuff I still want to download between the two of them. I'm slowly getting there while watching sales carefully. But it will be another year or two at this rate before I'm ready for them to be shuttered (And hopefully that $250 ends up more like $125, thanks to patiently waiting on sale prices).


I'm hopeful they're safe until the middle part of the 2020's. Perhaps I'm being way overly optimistic, but I especially believe that the Xbox 360 (which is fast approaching its 15th anniversary) has a good chance of hitting the 20 year mark for online support before the cessation of services.

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