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FS: IBM PS/2 i386 P70 Luggable w/gas plasma display *****SOLD!*****


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This is something I have had for a VERY long time. It has some small issues when I received it. It was a bit dirty, one shift key was missing and the floppy drive did not work. I replaced the floppy drive with an exact IBM replacement that does work (that was expensive, $50!) and it now reads disks perfectly and pretty darn silently!


The unit did not have the math co-processor initally (they did not ship with them by default) but I tracked down the i387 math co-processor and added it. Gave the computer a nice boost in performance. I also found an AudioPort adapter that allows sound through the LPT port. It works great...and is quite rare. I have the packaging for it as well as the original install disks too. And, the internal battery has been replaced with a brand new one (same Panasonic brand) so the time/date are working.


The hard drive in this machine is rock solid and has been tested for bad sectors. It has none of course and works great. The BIOS on this machine is accessible via a floppy disk which I tracked down (copy) so that advanced settings can be adjusted.


The computer is running a fresh installation of DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11. I did install a few small games just to test the functionality of the machine. It is super clean inside and out and the screen is crisp, bright and very clear. I just could not capture it well with this old camera I have :)


The only minor issue with the machine now is that the left shift key is missing. The keyboard is mechanical with a very unique Alps switch. The switch is fine, not broken and working...it is just that the keycap is missing. I have yet to find the correct one.


But, aside from that, no issues at all with the computer. The red gas plasma display is something that must be seen to be believed. Really awesome machine. There is also a VGA out on the machine but it may be a proprietary connection as it looks like it may need some kind of VGA cable with a pin missing in a specific location. I never tested that VGA out option.



So, what you get:


1. The computer

2. An original IBM brand PS/2 mouse that matches the era of this machine

3. A Microsoft rollerball type laptop mouse that can clip to the side of the keyboard with Microsoft leather bag

4. MediaVision AudioPort sound device complete with box, manuals, disks, PSU and installed and working on the computer



Looking for $200 plus actual shipping to your zipcode. PM if interested. The last picture is a picture that was taken some time ago when installing Windows. I am just not happy with my camera and how dark the pictures look. This last picture sort of demonstrates the screen brighter. But it is even better than that. It is just difficult to capture these types of screens (at least with my camera)



















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As always my price is not set in stone either. I am only selling these systems because I will be moving soon and I don't want to be in a position where I have to turn down a good apartment because it is "not big enough" to store my collection. It has happened to me in the past :( And, as I really cannot afford to pay for a storage facility it just makes sense to pass these along to AA members that enjoy this stuff as much as I do.

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We had one of these in my lab at work. I had it set up on my desk with one of the Windows Entertainment packs and people would stop by and play something. It died and I threw it out, but I wish I hadnt, its a neat little system.

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Arent those actually the step up from the luggables (that had the green CRT monitors)? I thought that form factor was the lunch kit. My dad had the Compaq version of that when he upgraded from the Compaq portable 286 (which I always called luggable) for his stage Midi computer. He was using these pretty late in their lives because laptop capable Midi wasnt yet available or affordable. The Compaq lunch kit had a full ISA slot for the midi card. I second the kudos for having some cool vintage stuff in fantastic condition!

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