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HSC15 Round 9 - Poll: Something Different!


8 members have voted


    • Star Quake
    • Infiltrator
    • Star Raiders
    • Scrolls of Abadon
    • C'est la Vie

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This round's poll features games that may have a little more too them than the usual quicker play games, nothing too drastic! Poll ends shortly after current round ;)


Star Quake

Hi-res multi screener, find the bits of your spaceship


Fandal XEX Atarimania Info (8.1)



This one just came to mind, not even sure what you do but the comments on atarimania mention several different game types.


Fandal XEX Atarimania Info (7.1)


Star Raiders

Shooting starbases it's the 1979 classic!


Fandal XEX Atarimania Info (7.7)


Scrolls of Abadon

A Frank Cohen game but looks like it's a bit different to his others?


Fandal XEX Atarimania Info (6.9)


C'est La Vie

No idea but it looks like money grabbing fun!


Fandal XEX Atarimania Info (7.4)

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I'm going to campaign for Star Raiders. I know there's no point scoring in this game, but I think I've figured out a way to score this game. Hope it makes sense:


1. We have mini "leaderboards" for each skill level. Highest ranking achieved in each skill level will score the most points on each mini leaderboard. Add up all the points to determine points scored on the main leaderboard for the game.


2. If 2 people have the same rank and class on a given skill level, ties can be broken as follows:


1st tie breaker: Mission complete. I doubt that 2 people would earn the same rank if one completed the mission and one didn't, but heck, you never know. You can tell if someone completes a mission (or not) if the computer display is on screen or not. If two players complete the mission and have the same rank...

2nd tie breaker: Energy remaining. Visiting star-bases lowers your overall ranking, so someone who never visited one will have a higher ranking than one who has to go fill up/repair damage, so the tie breaker would be how much is left in the tank when you complete the mission. This information is not able to be seen if you get destroyed, so...

3rd tie breaker: Who got the ranking first. If both conditions above do not break the tie, whoever reports the ranking first is on top of the others.

Finally, if after all the points are totaled up and 2 people have the same overall score, the tie breaker goes to the player with the best performance on the highest skill level and work backwards from there.

I hope that doesn't sound too confusing and scare people off from voting for it. This is one of the best games for this platform (IMO) and I'd love to see it played in the HSC sometime...maybe this time! :)

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Adding play-by-play update for HSC15 Round 9 - Poll and playing with Kentucky Derby/horse racing analogy...

trying for Howard Cosell voicing/pacing here; not that he was an announcer for horse racing per se but was longtime johnny on the spot for ABC Wide World of Sports


"And coming around the final turn before the homestretch, it's Star Raiders and C'Est La Vie neck and neck, two horses...that could not be more different...both fantastic creatures, uniquely spirited...followed by Star Quake...leading out of the gate, Star Quake has since fallen back a length but still is in contention...horses Infiltrator and Scrolls of Abadon are tied for last but with track conditions so good and a third of the race to be run :grin: these two are also still very much in the running...such an even and yet varied field here today, ladies and gentlemen...who knows which horse will win with such a group of talented thoroughbreds?..."


Happy Friday to all! :)

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As long as the majority of voters also participate in playing, I think either system works. With multi choice polls, we get the least common denominator. With single choice polls, people might wait longer to post their vote in order to pick one choice where it makes a difference in the total. I understand that the forum has the option for blind polls too, where one can't see the results so far which probably is the best choice with single choice polls as then you only vote by own preference, not based on what others already voted for.


Now this particular round may not turn out to what we imagined it to be, and as I wrote in the other thread, I'd be open for playing both #1 and #2 from the poll, if we can come up with conditions for how to score.


(And yes, at the beginning of this season I voted for 4 of 5 entries in some form of anti-voting against Bosconian, which ended up to be much more playable than last year's preview version anyway. Now I try to stick with 2 choices per poll.)


Edit: Some stats on number of voters and how many of those participated.


Round 1: 25 voters of which 9 never played = 36%

Round 2: 24 voters of which 5 never played = 21%

(Round 3 was the Winter Olympics which we never had a poll for)

Round 4: 17 voters of which 6 never played = 35%

Round 5: 11 voters of which 3 never played = 27%

Round 6: 11 voters of which 2 never played = 18%

Round 7: 8 voters of which 1 never played = 12%

Round 8: 9 voters of which 2 never played = 22%


Certainly Life may interfer which explains why some people sat out certain rounds, but one vote in either direction from someone who isn't really planning to play can inflict the results as much as multiple votes from someone who is willing to play whichever game wins in the end.

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I'm amenable and game for either adding Star Raiders or replacing C'est la Vie with Star Raiders, especially as the folks who have tried C'est la Vie don't seem to care much for it.


I like it and think it is funny, well made and an interesting if not resoundingly successful mix of a few game types/genres. C'est la Vie is funny looking and playing, with the different characters -- taxman looks like a robber/thief and robber/thief looks like a monster and player looks like a strolling while money collecting fool -- and their animations, especially the wall collision requiring a trip to the hospital animation, are great. C'est la Vie reminds me of Spare Change a little, though less action oriented and less frantic; and maybe correspondingly a little less fun than Spare Change.


With that stated, C'est la Vie is not in any way on par with Star Raiders: they're very different games in terms of game play. Could not be more different. Also very important is Star Raiders is an A8 A/A+ title while C'est la Vie is more like a good B game at best. Star Raiders is Atari legend while C'est la Vie is (to me) a bit of a lost gem but nowhere near the gameplay masterpiece that is Star Raiders!


For what little it is worth, atarimania rates C'est la Vie at 7.4 / 10 with 7 votes and over 800 downloads; Fandal's site doesn't rate but identifies C'est la Vie as having over 2500 downloads.

atarimania rates Star Raiders at 7.7 / 10 with over 6,000 votes and over 10,000 downloads; Fandal sites indicates over 1980 downloads of Star Raiders.


I voted twice: for both of these games and in spite of the fact that Infiltrator looks really cool too.

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We're running the multi pick polls as this seasons gimmick - this way we don't end up with 4 games on 1 vote each, less strategic voting and I can see what is likely to be wanted in future polls from the runners up ;)


Locking the (Poll) thread now as I forgot to do that and not so you can't all rebel :D

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