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Mega Man II Full OST on Atari POKEY! (4-channel, Mono)

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Kind of surprised that the Atari 5200 sound chip could handle music of this complexity. POKEY dates back to 1979, correct?


This is actually pretty lightweight on the POKEY compared to some stuff I've done. For 1979, the POKEY was a few years ahead of its time, imo, and punched above its weight. It may be slightly detuned and/or microtonal at times, but make no mistake... it had a monstrous amount of versatility, for that era, and in that versatility lies its power. One example of that versatility is the ability to literally switch to any mode on any channel at any time. For someone making music on the thing, that is a HUGE deal. Also, you can make incredible mixed-mode PSG+Noise percussion on the thing. Dont' let anybody on this forum or otherwise tell you differently... 8-bits is enough. ;)

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