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So the light switch in my head turned on and I finally understand bankswitching and slots. As it turns out, you tell the bank which slot it should be in. As sverx pointed out in the SMS Power forums:



the point is: imagine your stereo has 3 audio cassette decks - you can have 100 audio cassettes in your collection but you can put only up to 3 of them at a given time in your stereo.
ROM slots are your decks, ROM banks are your audio cassettes.

The reason I was having trouble in the first place was because I had put something in a bank that was defined in another bank. Thus, when it got time to get the thing I hadn't defined, the game froze because it wasn't where it was supposed to be.

But now I have that figured out. What's more, that problem made me understand bankswitching on the SMS/GG. So putting ".bank 1 slot 1" at the beginning of bank 1 tells the bank to be in slot 1. Same thing with ".bank 2 slot 1". I'm guessing putting a bank in a slot overwrites what was in the slot before. So I guess when it comes time, I can still be able to put ".bank 7 slot 1" and have it work.

So with that over, here is a picture of what level 3 will look like.

Switzerland has a bunch of mountains in it, but the hamburgers' journey is not over yet, since I have more banks to fill up. So, these mountains are not located in Switzerland.
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