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Debugging with a skunkboard

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Why when I call skunkCONSOLEWRITE some times I don't get the string on the PC?


I've tried to put a skunkNOP at the beginning of the code, and also before and after the skunkCONSOLEWRITE but I still have some missing strings.


By the way I'm using vbcc with jaglib.


Boot version 02.00.05, Serial 2043


Maybe I need to update the skunkboard bios.

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The BIOS isn't involved in the Skunklib functions - all the involved code lives in JCP and Skunklib.s


In general all it does is operate using the same two buffers that are used for file transfers. I never hit it very hard but I never had any problems with lost data - if you write too quickly it's supposed to block, but we've seen bugs in that code before.

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At the start of my debug code library I use I have an init function that just does:

bsr             skunkRESET
bsr             skunkNOP
bsr             skunkNOP

Before attempting to do any console writes, has always (IIRC) been reliable for me.


need to remember to enable console on jcp or you end up with a Jag sat waiting for the console :D



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