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any port of combat or Armor ambush or similiar game on Atari 8 bit?

Mr Oni

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There was "Attank" by APX.

Attank! by Joel Gluck was my first game on disk when my father bought me an 810. Loved that game and my only complaint is that it didn't have AI because I didn't always have a second player. I'm still hoping somebody will port 2600 Combat to the A8's and include AI.
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bfollett Archon is an interesting A8 alternative to 2600 Combat; I will think of that connection next time I play either one. :grin:


There's certainly a bit of Combat in Archon but maybe not so much Archon in Combat...


It's not two player simultaneous combat but how about trying Tank Commander if you have not already?

It's a good tank combat game that has some randomization elements that extend the one player or two player competitive play.


Getting a little off topic I have added conversions of a few 2600 games as well (knowing Mr Oni got a new Ultimate Cart recently, I imagine he's still looking to load it up!):






All conversions performed by phaeron: thank you very much for making and sharing these phaeron! Wonderful 2600 classics on A8! :thumbsup:


And follow the link here to an incredible collection of A8 game hacks and arcade made by a whole group of talented A8 coders called Atari ROM Hacks (as an AtariMax 1MB cart image). Really cool improvements/enhancements to many classic A8 game (and the 2600 conversions above).


Have fun Mr Oni!


Best Regards


Tank Commander.xex

Adventure (2600).xex

Seaquest (2600 patched).xex

Stampede (2600).xex

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