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Like riding a bike....


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I'm amazed. In between resuscitating a few machines I fired the old 130XE up and played some of my favorite games. Blue Max, Action Biker, Batty builders, Landscape, Spy hunter, Star Raiders, Pole position, Laser hawk....


What amazed me is I still remember the moves and how to play. The first plane in blue max I nailed, because I knew he was coming and where he was going to be. Even remembered how to take off. I still remember how to play all these old games even with 30 years between alien invasions. icon_mrgreen.gif Anyone else discovered this? What games opened the flood gates?

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River raid is another one that I hadn't forgotten. I was never great at Zaxxon either, but still remember how to play.


Pixels may have been a b grade flick, but it wasn't wrong about old gamers. icon_shades.gif


I had forgotten how much time I had spent playing and how much I loved those games. So much more than modern games. When was the last time a genre was invented? These days I get bored to tears watching my Son play COD.

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I don't get it as much with 8-bit titles; most of my home arcade-style gaming as a kid was on my 2600. But when I bought a VCS again for the first time a few years back and then got a copy of ASTEROIDS, the first time I played it I rolled the score (>99,999) with 7 extra lives remaining the very first time I played it, which was the first time I'd played 2600 ASTEROIDS in at least 30 years. Similarly, I beat game 1 of ADVENTURE in under 2 minutes the first time, and about 2:30 for SUPERMAN (damned helicopter threw me). What people say about the stuff you learn young sticking with you forever is - apparently - correct.


On the A8 level, I can score well over 100K on JOUST's default difficulty even after 35 years so ... that's something. :)

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