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Minotaur 16K


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it's true. I do not want to publish a game in which instead of fighting with an opponent I have to fight with the controls.

... The controls with keys have already been improved and now it will be comfortable... I still want to make a few more improvements.

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I'm looking forward to it XXL, I salute you for addressing what you feel are issues and bettering the game, its always nice to hear a dev say "you know what, its coming along but it needs tweaks", its human..


Its ready when you say it is....


Thank you..

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this is a mini-game, the information in the title that it can be run on a computer with 16KB RAM is quite important, and the name "Minotaur" quite well reflects the content of the game.

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it's true. I do not want to publish a game in which instead of fighting with an opponent I have to fight with the controls.


Hmm - having played such a game as a Basic type-in one back in the eighties, I always thought tracing a given path without options is quite tedious.

What about going automatically "forward" till a junction and then taking the input of the user leading to the next junction?

(Going the opposite direction goes back to the previous junction.)

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Think you have to go to the black square, then go back to the starting point as fast as possible (within the given time). So Minotaur16k differs from other maze/labyrinth games where you only have to find the exit (with or without a given time)...

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do you have any idea to spice up the gameplay?


Maybe some kind of "fog of war" visibility? You cannot see the whole labyrinth, but just a some circular or square area around you (quite easy to get this effect by using players/missiles and appropriate PMG priorities).

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Fog of war, I sense an Xbox Full Spectrum Warrior player (great game, just replaying it) and the suggestion sounds a little like Tumble bugs, you see the maze but its only a small part...A mix of that sort of play would be great...

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Perhaps a 'morphing maze' during the game. Having thought a bit about how that might work:


1) Take a random 'odd' row and 'odd' column that connects to two other corridor pieces and move that so to a random 'even' row/column that connects two corridor pieces.

2) For the next time, swap the source to even row/col and destination to odd row/col.

3) this could be actioned every N seconds, maybe N=15. A rarer random check might sometimes let no swap take place.

4) as the move might make the maze temp unable to complete, 5 seconds could be added to the timer.

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Hi xxl, thank you for making and sharing Minotaur 16k. :thumbsup:


I enjoy it: it's fun and challenging. The opening screen using maze patterns to form the Minotaur head is great.


​a) Since you're referring to Ariadne's thread (in your reply above) with the return to start aspect of Minotaur 16k, maybe add/mention Theseus as the adventurer/player?

Add to the mythology aspect of the game that is already present/inherent? Simple text of some kind might identify Theseus and Ariadane with her helping Theseus in the maze against the Minotaur. Context can help conjure and add to imaginative element of gameplay; for me a little context or simple reference to a/the greater story can be interesting and add depth/dimension to games. Especially stuff like classical mythology, classic fantasy/sci-fi, etc


b) The fog of war seems like a good fit for adding difficulty. Perhaps as an option?

As an inexperienced and slow maze game player I already have trouble making it all the way to the Minotaur and back to the start within time allowed.


c) Would it make sense/be appropriate to add an option for different times for completing each game?

Add handicapping with both increases and decreases of time allowed?


d) Would it be possible to add joystick control as well as keyboard?

At least for me, I am a complete fumble fingers, even with just four keys.

I can use a keyboard for playing games but being a bit less than super dextrous, I would always rather use a joystick, gamepad or mouse, when possible.


e) If 16k allows perhaps add sfx for beginning of round/game, moment of finding the minotaur and at completion of retracing back to start; if possible three different chimes or tones.


f) Also wondering about a simple tone based sound track; suspenseful and just a few or even a couple of bass notes like Peter Gunn but more scary. :evil:

Maybe as long as it is public domain use the beginning of Beethoveen's 5th? Just four notes, or just two an octave apart (not a musician)?

Or some other apt bullfighting/Minotaur-vanquishing simple tones?

For suspenseful atmosphere like it is frightening to approach...the Minotaur! :o


All suggestions here are made with due respect to your interests and hopes for the game, xxl, and the limits of 16k; I am not suggesting all of these be followed/implemented only considered. I will likely always suggest adding/considering sfx or simple music: when possible and appropriate, both/either can add so much to gameplay from any era on any platform.


Only wish to offer suggestions; I am not asking for changes (well maybe the joystick control option).

Thank you xxl for making, helping to make and sharing so many great A8 games and for all you do for the A8 community.


Best Regards




Always liked the Pink Panther movies -- especially Peter Sellers as Clouseau -- and the Pink Panther theme.

Always liked Peter Gunn theme as well but never realized both PP and PG themes were written by Henry Mancini...

both have similar composition/theme/music but never realized same composer until tonight.

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