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Wanted: NES Classic


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I have been trying (not extremely hard however) to get ahold of a NES Classic since its release. I was able to score just recently a SNES Classic which is great, and I am still thinking about the NES Classic. I just have no trust in the online sales I see as I have seen a lot of scamming madness when it comes to bootlegs and whatnot. I am just looking for a legitimate console to hook up and play from time to time, and a miniaturized NES to me is just cool.


If it comes with the box that is great and something to display on a shelf. If not, no worries. I have vintage computer stuff to trade if you are interested in something like that, or can just buy it from you for hopefully a reasonable non-scalperish price. PM if you have one, are bored of it and want to help a fellow gamer out!

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