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Save game screen image to reload on real computer?

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Some time ago I found a 90s Sony Trinitron that someone had put out for free. It works well, but I noticed that the color is a little off. A friend was playing Journey to the Planets and got stuck on the space invaders/diamond level. When I came to help, I noticed that the cannon was practically invisible. Adjusting the brightness and picture controls made it barely visible, but it wasnt as clear as I remember it from playing as a kid.


Id like to save the image of this screen so I can reload it easily on a real computer and make adjustments to the TV. Is there an easy way to do this?

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Problem solved? When I originally noticed the issue with colors being off, I was using a 400 connected via the RF output. Yesterday, I hooked up an 800XL via the composite video input on the TV. I fired up Journey to the Planets and found the Space Invaders level. When I got to the screen with the cannon, it was perfectly visible! So, chalk this one up to the difference between RF and composite, I guess.


I wonder how many Atari computer users who only had a TV with RF input never realized how much better the picture quality could be?

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