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So I think I tried to go to sleep shortly after I wrote that blog entry. And I went to sleep. I slept all day. Noises kept waking me up since I had the window open, but they didn't wake me up enough to actually be 100% awake. I usually just went right back to sleep. I slept for about 14 hours. When I finally couldn't go back to sleep, it was about 4pm or so. It was about 87 degrees when I woke up, and to my surprise, the A/C was running. I guess it was so hot, even Mom couldn't stand it.

I went back to work on the Hamburger game for Game Gear. I think I got all the bugs ironed out, but there are still things that happen related to randomness that I don't want to happen, but I guess they need to else the game won't work right. I'm guessing I have developed an unusual sleep pattern: One day I get about 4-6 hours of sleep. Another day I get 12-14 hours. I guess it doesn't really matter since it doesn't need to.

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