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My Famicom AV, N64 Everdrive, 3do games for sale


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I am selling the following. Prices are indicated in euros and I will be shipping from France. The price is shipping NOT included.


Nintendo 64



Please read carefully:
The system is in very good condition.
The controller is 100% in working condition but the stick feels a bit loose.
Card SD, Expansion pack (inside the system) and controller pack (inside the controller) included
The PSU is japanese but it is also universal so it can be plugged into EU power outler with a smal adapter (which is included)
Conventional RCA cable
There is no box
The everdrive is v2.5 and is furnished with its box
170 euros


Famicom AV with loose famicom games


System boxed with two cotrnollers, the rca cable


The games are (all in loose condition and all in japanese format)


Double Dragon 1
Double Dragon 2
Double Dragon 3
Samurai Pizza Cats
Ninja Gaiden
Rockman 3
Rockman 5
Super Spike V Ball
Super Mario Bros 1
Super Mario Bros 3
Punch out


270 euros



3do games


Battlesport US/EU 15

D JAP 15
Doctor Hauzer JAP 10
Fifa soccer US/EU 10
Immercenary US/EU 10
Seal of the Pharaoh US/EU 10
Shadow, war of succession US/EU 10
Stellar 7 Draxon’s Revenge US/EU 10
Super Street Fighter II Demo disc JAP 35
Theme Park US/EU 10
Virtual Cameraman 1 jap 25
Virtual Cameraman 3 jap 25
Virtual Cameraman 5 jap 25

All games for 130 euros



I can send some pictures for those interested (by email, what's app..).


Thanks for looking!!

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