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Does anyone notice the odd graphical glitch on Frogger?


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I've been playing Frogger along with a lot of other games through the Atarimax SD cartridge, and it plays fine. Every so often though, I notice something slightly different in the graphics, for example, a flashing square block attached to one of the cars on the road, or maybe stuck to one of the logs. Another time I saw one of the sprites in the water flickering a lot more than normal, and on one occasion there were vertical lines in the water area. I have the old Atarimax USB cart too and I've noticed similar things happening on there. It's not a dodgy ROM file because I've tried a different one and noticed a similar effect.


The thing is, I don't really notice this happening on other games. Maybe it is happening without me realising, but it definitely occurs more in Frogger. I'm wondering why this would be and what could be causing it. Could it be anything to do with the fact Frogger starts right away with music and graphics rather than the usual title screen most other games have?


I stress that this is a subtle thing which doesn't stop me playing it, but I'm just curious as to why it seems to particularly affect this game, that's all. Any ideas?

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Even though you state that you don't notice any issues with other games, certain games tax the system more while others less. With that said, I would say that your system is the culprit and that it could be anything from fluctuating voltages from the power supply, the power switch needs cleaning or ram chips.


But before stressing too much that it could be your system, I would download the Clean ROM Set that was put together by Ikrananka and is pinned at the top of this CV/Adam Forum and try that Frogger rom file.

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I would say it's the system as well, I had a similiar problem with my original CV console which exibited the same issues e.g. I would get an artifact once in a while while playing Pacman Collections or Space Panic. It gradually got worse and the video output eventually failed entirely.

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