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Sumo's Adventure - A bruce lee spin off (WIP)


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Myself and the legendary atari guru @popmilo have been working, slowly but surely , on a new homebrew game for Atari XL/XE series called 'Sumo's adventure' - a bruce lee spin-off game, staring the lovely sumo character.


This is a covert-ops project, can't say much. all I can share is a teaser snapshot here from Level 1-1.





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Interesting :)
1. That sumo wrestler's name is Yamo or The Green Yamo in the game. Why not "Yamo's Adventure"? :)
2. Will he kick and punch like in the original game?



1. to be honest , game is focused on "A Sumo" not "THE sumo", although the sumo character from bruce lee was the base for our main character. so "Sumo" it is....

2. Sumo will walk, jump and move around but mostely will throw shurikens at his enemies. you can see in the image above, or atleast image it :)


Level 1-1 is working pretty nicely, but it is not completed. we will

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