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If Rob Kudla Met Todd Frye (Ms. Pac-Man hack)

Wolfy Danger

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Been a lurker on the forums for a long time, but I made something kind of amusing today that I thought I would share. A graphical modification using Rob Kudla's classic hack "A Better Pac-Man" as a base but modified to match the aesthetics of the much maligned Todd Frye original. I was going for a middle ground approach where it's a more fun game to play thanks to Mr. Kudla's enhancements, but still has that funky old-school appearance like something Atari themselves might have made back in the day.



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Thanks, groundtrooper! I've run it on my Harmony cart on a light six switch model with no issues. I'll try to hook up my 2600 Jr & test it on that tomorrow maybe. Just a slight update, I corrected the copyright to read 1982 (dunno why I thought it was 1981), made the ghosts a pixel taller to better match their proportions from Ms. Pac-Man & changed their vulnerable sprite to look more like a bit more like the arcade version.


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