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The order is at the printers, I ordered 10 extra copies for latecomers, 3 of those have already sold, only 7 of each title left.

If you want these buy now or miss out forever.


Super Pro Baseball and Mystic Castle boxes are on sale now !!!

Due to overwhelming demand, and based on the success of our recent sale of

Fight for the Cup Super Pro Hockey boxes, (still 2 copies left if you missed out)

we are pleased to announce the sale of boxes for Intelligentvision’s

Super Pro Baseball and Mystic Castle.

Now your lonely carts (and manuals and overlays) will at last have a home

in these finely manufactured boxes.

Once again designed by the1Hatman,

these will also be printed by Marc Oberhauser’s printer in Germany.

Boxes are shipped flat but pre-assembled, just pop into shape and close the flaps.

Pre-sales ended June 1st, I have placed the print order with Marc,

should be maybe 2 weeks until I have the boxes in hand to mail out to you,

the postal service seems to take about 5 to 8 days to deliver to you.

So you will receive them late June/early July,

depending on the machinations of various postal services around the world.

Based on the recent hockey box experience, the price will be slightly higher

to accommodate paypal fees, which they charged me on about half of the hockey boxes.

Prices will now be $14 (US) per box, shipped in study cardboard mailers, with shipping as follows.

To Canada, 1-3 boxes, postage is $3, 4-7 boxes is $4, 8-12 boxes (seriously??) is $5.

To USA, 1-3 boxes, postage is $5, 4-12 boxes is $10, nobody is really buying more than 12 are they?

To rest of world, 1-3 boxes is $10, 4-12 boxes is $20, you really don’t need more than that do you?

To pay please paypal me at


Please include your mailing address and quantity of each box you want

in your paypal payment message.

Thanks, Steve



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