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[SOLD] FS: Vectrex Sean Kelly Multi-Cart 2.5


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I'm looking to sell my Sean Kelly multi-cart. It's version 2.5. The label has a copyright date of 2000, but the actual onscreen menu sez 2015; go figs. :) Works like a charm. The games that it includes will be listed at the end of this post.

I'm asking $35 shipped, US only.


Titles on the multi-cart:

3D Crazy Coaster • 3D Minestorm • 3D Narrow Escape • 3D Pole Position • 4D Rotocube
All Good Things • Armor Attack • Art Master
Bachs [sic] Prelude • Bedlam • Berzerk • Berzerk 2 • Birds of Prey • Blitz! • Bonnie
Clean Sweep • Cosmic Chasm
Daisy• Dark Tower • Disc Duel Demo
Engine Analyzer
Figgy • Fortress of Narzod • Frogger
Heads Up • Hyperchase • Hypercube
Melody Master • Melody Master 2 • Mikes Molecules • Mine Storm Cheat • Minestorm 2 • Mr. Boston • Moon Lander
Patriots • Polar Rescue • Polar Rescue Beta • Pole Position
Repulse • Rip Off • Rockaroids Deluxe
Scramble • Solar Quest • Space Wars • Spike • Spike Hoppin • Spinball • Star Castle • Star Fire • Star Hawk • Star Trek • Star Trek 2
Tempest Demo [pardon me for editorializing, but this is AMAZING; I pray that it gets finished some day!] • Tour de France
Vector Vaders • Vector Vaders 2 • Vectrace • Vectrexians
Web Wars

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