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Inside wiring for Commodore joystick

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I finally got my hands on a Commodore joystick similar to the good ol' Atari CX-40s. I had to take it apart to give it a good clean and I took a photo of the wiring connections inside. Then later that day I accidentally deleted it. File recovery is not an option.


Unfortunately its wiring layout does not match the CX-40s I have. It has its wiring divided into three on each side instead of all on one side.


I would greatly appreciate if someone could provide inside wiring information or a photo which matches my Commodore joystick. If push comes to shove I will break out the multi-meter and figure it out but a picture would save me so much time.

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I can't help you, but I wonder if the Commodore branded joysticks were made in the same factory that made CX-40 or in a third party knock-off factory. If all were made in the same place, I would imagine the inside with wiring would be identical since it has the same functions but you already verified they're different inside.

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The earlier C= joysticks were practically a replica of the Atari ones though the later triangular handled one was original and made everything else on the market at the time seem like an ergonomic masterpiece.

To be safe you're probably better off using a meter as I don't recall the being any color standard except maybe black for GND.

Or easier still just plug into the competer & start joining connectors (a normal 6 wire stick can't cause any nasty shorts).
Use a Basic program to check the function of each wire in turn:


10 ? STICK(0),STRIG(0) : GOTO 10


Find your GND wire first - it's the one that should cause a value change when touched to any of the others.

The joystick directions u/d/l/r will give values 14, 13, 11, 7 (easiest to just check one at a time). The fire button should cause the second number to read 0.

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Thanks to good ol' pinouts.ru I was able to confirm the color to position mapping.


I also found an interesting site of Atari 2600 hacks (real Atari people probably already know about it) which has a hack for the CX-40 to give two buttons for 7800 compatibility.


For posterity:






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