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Party Mix Rom Question


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I have a rom file for Party Mix that I use with my Harmony cart. However it seems to only play the racing mini game and not the other four. Is there a rom file out there that has all the loads? I must admit, that I'm not sure how the Harmony cart handles multi-load Supercharger games. Do I need multiple rom files or something?


Also, is there a list of games that use paddles? I'd like to sort all those into one directory.



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For use on the Harmony cart, the 3 Party Mix loads are separate bins. Escape from the Mindmaster, Dragonstomper and Survival Island are combined into single multi-load bins. I'm sure I got the roms for these somewhere in the Forum, but let me know if you need them.

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And here are the paddle games:



Bachelor Party

Bachelorette Party


Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em




Bumper Bash

Canyon Bomber


Circus Atari

Demons To Diamonds


Encounter at L-5


G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike



Music Machine

Night Driver

Party Mix

Philly Flasher


Piece 'O Cake

Secret Agent

Solar Storm

Star Wars: Jedi Arena

Stunt Cycle

Super Breakout


Video Olympics



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Ok so only party mix needs the three separate files? How do those work? Does Harmony load the other two as needed or does each file contain different games?


You load them separately like different games. They're not connected like the other multi-load Starpath games that require you to beat the level before it will load the next game section.

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