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What Genesis game do you remember being the most 'rental-busting'?

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So many of us may be familiar with the theory that some developers would make sections of their games virtually impossible to encourage consumers to purchase a game rather than consistently rent.


As a kid, I was taken to the local rental store every Saturday after football/soccer practice to pick up a new genesis/master system game. My question is, which games do you remember as being particularly devious? Having a section in it that meant you could never get beyond it before taking it back to the rental store and then picking it up the next weekend?


I covered a couple of these in my Retro Buffet series - Disney games in particular were strong culprits (Lion King Ostrich Double Jump anyone?!), check it out if you like.


TL;DR - Which Genesis games do you remember having impossible to beat sections that meant you were unlikely to progress far in a weekend?


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