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So I've been working on my Pokemon Mini game. I was having a very hard time with it. The problem was I had digits but I couldn't display them. But now I can. The next thing I need to do is make the digits change and act like a timer for the score.

This Pokemon Mini programming thing is really difficult. Of course, I said that for Game Gear programming and now I can do that fairly easy. But I think the Pokemon Mini is much more complicated than the Game Gear. Probably since it's about a decade newer. But it seems so simple when you look at the games for it. And it's not in color. And I saw another Pokemon Race Mini game, but it was in a bundle with a bunch of other ones. And the guy who is trying to sell his Pichu Bros. and Togepi games lowered his prices by $80 so now it's about $400. Knock another 0 off and I'd buy it.

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