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2600 Pacman C64

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I seem to recall a Pacman clone for the Commodore 64 that looked and played like the 2600 version, but I am unable to find it and I can't recall what it's called. Does anyone know where I can find it?


In the depths of hell? Why, oh, why would you want to play a clone of 2600 Pac-Man on a 64??? :P

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Assuming it is correctly categorized, you only have 173 games to browse through.



Wow. I never knew so many existed.


I've actually messed about with the "3D" ones a few days ago. Quite a trip.


I rather liked the Pacmania conversion. One of my favorite games on any platform.

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Well, for a computer with well over 10000 games (GB64 has 25700 entries but I'm willing to disqualify more than half of those as hacks and reissues), that would be less than 2% of the library being Pac-Man clones. Likely the number of unique titles is greater though, which lowers the amount of Pac-Man games to about 1%.

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