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Next FCUG meeting - Sunday, May 27


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Happy Upcoming 3-Day Weekend, C= and Ami aficionados!
The Fresno Commodore User Group has its next meeting from 11 a.m. to 2:00+ p.m., Sunday, May 27 at --

Bobby Salazar's Mexican Restaurant
2839 North Blackstone Ave. (corner of Blackstone and Michigan)
Fresno, California
(559) 227-1686

This month I'll have a report on last weekend's Maker Faire Bay Area, and we'll discuss the plans for the June 9-10 Pacific Commodore Expo NW in Seattle.
Last month we ran out of time to look over some of the library disks of the CIVIC 64/128 club of Ventura, California and the Diablo Valley Commodore User Group of Walnut Creek, California. Not this time! Because it is the 20th anniversary of Wheels 64/128, the compatible OS for GEOS, we'll watch an on-line video of it in operation. For the VIC-20, we'll run the new game, Pyrotech, and the new demo/game, Dr. Ultra + Snake. For the Plus/4, we'll have the disk magazine, Lone News 21. For the C128, we'll try out Manic Miner 128.
In hardware, I'll show off the relatively-inexpensive SD2IEC from Jason Micari of Australia. Then we'll try out the hit of the Sunday Maker Faire, the Tech Sketch Music Port, software and a large keyboard that connects to the user port of the C64, advertised as a "music synthesizer and multi-track recording system". The Amiga 2000 returns with its 68040 board @ 28 MHz, DKB MegAChip for 2 meg Chip RAM, 40 megs Fast RAM, Video Toaster, OS 3.1, and dual disk drives, this time upgraded with the latest WHDLoad and more games, courtesy of the installation work of Duncan MacDougall of The Other Group of Amigoids.

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group - http://www.dickestel.com/fcug.htm
June 9-10 Pacific Commodore Expo NW 2018 - http://www.portcommodore.com/pacommex
Aug. 11-12 Commodore Vegas Expo v14 2018 - http://www.portcommodore.com/commvex

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