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The only thing missing is noise. I'll get to that later on. For now I'd like to present a new idea I've been working on that Moving Marill will be part of. I've decided to make a Pokemon Party Mini 2 game. My mom woke me up last night at 9pm to tell me the TV was broken. I went to the living room and it had been turned to channel 7 somehow. So I changed the channel on the TV to 3 and the picture magically reappeared. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. So I worked on my game.

I worked on adding another fish. I had to get rid of a few things that were taking up room. The plant is now gone. So is the fish animation. Both these things were taking up too much space and causing weird stuff to happen. I worked on collision detection. And, at 3am, I had a working game. I tested it. My score was 12 minutes 26 seconds.

About the plant being gone. I figured if my best score was 12'26, the plant shouldn't be needed anyway. And when it became clear it was time to trim the excess stuff, the plant was on the chopping block. The fish now come out at both ends, chosen "randomly." So in the end, I got a Pokemon-themed version of Street Racer for the Pokemon Mini. So I'm going to work on noise making now and when that's done, I'm going to begin work on the second game. This one will be a version of Alien Greed (or, more closely related, Kevin Vs. Tomatoes but without the snake tail.)

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