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StanJr's Blog - BOARD GAME (A Prospectus)


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Below is the prospectus I wrote up for BOARD GAME to present to my fellow collaborators. I've got a guy who may do my artwork for me (another old high school buddy, we'll call him Matt), but if he's too busy I'll be shopping an artist. Again, I'm working from my original basic rules, but I'm tweaking them so that they are more user friendly and not reliant upon the fertile mind and free time of a nerdy teen. I realize that what I've written below is a bit vague and sometimes redundant, but until I have some more concrete materials or things to specifically cite, it's kind of hard to explain what I'm going for. It should be a lot more clear once I start sharing some of the progress. Things are off to a pretty good start. I'll share more on game mechanics and development next time around.



BOARD GAME is the pinnacle in customizable, open source, tabletop gaming. BOARD GAME is a fantasy themed dungeon crawling game that gives you complete control over the game. Build a party of heroes, create an adventure, and set out on a quest of epic proportions. BOARD GAME comes complete with everything you need for a incredible gaming session, but there is no limit to where things go from there!

Here’s How It Works!

BOARD GAME is a complete game wherein you guide a group of adventures on a quest across the every changing world of Imagia. Pick from a huge character set of over 30 diverse and unique characters and take them on one of a dozen pre-built quests, OR build your own adventure and see if you have what it takes to win the day.

BOARD GAME comes with a double-sided game board, 30 miniatures and character profile cards, land, feature, and treasure tokens, a set of basic game play rules, and twelve pre-built quests. You can open the box, build a team from the supplied characters, pick a quest, set up the game and set out for adventure. Or you can customize the quest and the game board to create your own adventure. Play with one character or four or eight. Play a short adventure with an easier scenario or design the ultimate dungeon and see if you can build a party up to the challenge.

Basic Gameplay

Build an adventuring party from over 30 playable characters each with unique skills and abilities. Some characters are adept magic users, some are incredibly strong fighters, some are quick and deadly, and others feature incredible special abilities that will help you on the quest. Choose from 12 pre-built scenarios. Set up the game board according to the chosen scenario. Characters move by rolling a 20-sided die to move across the landscape. Players may encounter a variety of traps or puzzles they must overcome as they journey through Imagia. Great treasures and helpful items can be found scattered throughout the land. Enemies will appear on the landscape according to the specifics of the scenario. When an enemy is engaged in combat, 20-sided and 4-sided dice are used to play out the battle. If the party is victorious they progress toward the goal at the end of the quest. If the party is defeated, it’s back to camp to rebuild and set out again.

Scenarios vary from obtaining a certain treasure, defeating a particular boss, or just escaping a deadly dungeon. Meet the conditions and victory is yours!

Who Can Play?

BOARD GAME is built to be played with as many players as you can muster. Gameplay can be cooperative, competitive or head-to-head. Players can build a party together or set out on simultaneous solo adventures. Players can play as the heroes and/or the villains set against them. BOARD GAME is perfect for ages 8 and up.

How Long is an Average Game?

Pre-built scenarios are designed for a variety of game experiences. Simple scenarios can play out as quickly as 30 minutes, while longer, more epic conquests can last a couple of hours or beyond!

I Can Customize?

Absolutely! While BOARD GAME comes complete with everything you need to have hours of fantastic fun, it is also an open source game. This means you can use the rule set and game materials to create your own scenarios and adventures. You can use your own miniatures and create your own characters and villains. BOARD GAME provides an unparalleled platform upon which to design and play out the most incredible gaming experiences you can imagine!

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