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atari2600land's Blog - Electrode's Eventful Evening


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It's a wonderful summer Sunday evening, and Electrode the Pokemon is out for a stroll. Or should I say roll?

This is the second game in Pokemon Party Mini 2. It will be a lot like Kevin Vs. Tomatoes, which by the way, I took some time off this project to finish building the cartridges for. Taking apart and putting back together a Channel F cart is frustratingly hard. But I have 9 of them. They need labels and instruction manuals before they can be shipped off.

Anyway, back to Electrode. The easy part was putting the beginnings of this new game in. The hard part, which I spent at least a couple hours on, was making a semi-menu for the game. Right now, the title screen starts with Marill's title screen, but if you press right, it changes to Electrode's title screen. I don't know why this was so hard, but it was. The screen drawing is weird, though. Take for instance, the Electrode game. It likes to move pixels around. So this is what I had to put into the game to make it look right.

Same thing went for the Marill screen. And once I put in more stuff, I bet it will move some pixels around again which leads to more redesigning. This is still very hard, but I think I'm on my way to getting the hang of it thanks to the assembly found in Channel F and Odyssey 2 programming. One helpful feature though they don't have that Pokemon Mini does is "sub". Which is great. And by "sub," I mean the opposite of "add."

And if someone wants to be real helpful, I need a black and white sprite for a snail. That will be the thing to avoid in this game.

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