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Stramash Zone for VECTREX. Available Now.


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Why do I find out about these great things a week+ late and usually at 3 in the morning?

Another excellent work!


Vectrex releases have more accessible videos and information than any Colecovision release.

I love Vextrex!

Thanks again to the Vectrex community for putting out so many great titles -- more than we ever hoped for.

Of all the home video games I still have from the early 80's I still have my Vextrex, the light pen, Colecovision Expansion Module #1 - (to play Atari 2600 games, modified wider by me around 14-years old for the Arcadia/Starpath Supercharger).

Haven't found the Colecovision console or even my Supercharger cassettes that I've seen a couple times I moved.

I have my original Supercharger.


Those few items were the fuel that started my retro-gaming hobby 6 years ago.

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Got mine today (well yesterday). Will try it soon...




You should have gotten my copy of Stramash Zone, I've #31. ;)


Thank you very much, Jim (clockworkrobot), for this excellent game!

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Yeap I received #28 few days back as well. It is amazing to see this on the Vectrex finally! I do wish there had been some adjustment modes available for the radar sweep and score though as my Vectrex is obviously a bit out of alignment for this game but overall it is quite excellent!

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a few weeks ago I decided to buy a new game console. After deliberation I narrowed the candidates to the PlayStation 4 or Vectrex. Methinks I made the right choice with the Vectrex. I love being a part of user groups who share my interest of classic game consoles and computers. It's much more fun than waiting 3 hours for Destiny 2 to install and being called a 'fag' every 3 minutes as a for the trouble.

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