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Hex's "its just gotta go" list


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Greetings A-Aers it's been a while.


Today I'm getting rid of some things. Some things are items I thought that I could use. Other items I explicitly said to myself that it was too interesting to put in a landfill. There is no warranty or guarantee that said item will be complete or even work. The only assurance I will give is that the items will be clean and any known information I have I will give you if you have questions.


I don't have time or the desire to barter or any of that so the rules for this sale is that everything is just the cost to get it into your hands. (shipping)


*** Paying for stuff: I've stopped using Paypal for everything and so it's either a check or a money order.


The list:

-- Lis'ner 1000 Rev 1.0 : it's some kind of speech recognition / synthesis card for the commodore 64. Includes a card, edge card cable, headphones with a mic, instructions, and a floppy disk. I don't know if any of it works, but it looks to be in good shape.


-- Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro (PC joystick) : Includes a power supply. This uses the original DB-15 PC joystick connector. I'm pretty sure it works, or at least the previous owner said it did.


-- Powermac G4 : I have fought with machine on and off to get a proper OS installed on it and I'm giving up. I'm pretty sure it's in working order and will include a pair of blank 30GB PATA drives for you to battle with on your own. Hardware: 400MHz G4 ppc, ATI Rage 128 AGP card, memory 1GB, scsi controller, CD rom drive, and hard disks mentioned above. This is pretty heavy so be mindful of that.


-- PCI parallel port card. Comes in a box with a manual. There is a 3.5" floppy with driver disc.


-- Modular Circuit Technology EPROM programmers : Includes multiple programming pods, a floppy disk (5 1/4"), manuals, and a couple of IBM PC ISA cards. (so, yeah, it's pretty dated). I have no idea if it works in any capacity, but there's enough parts here to probably get one up and running.


EDIT: Attached some pictures, corrected aspects described on the macg4 and the parallel port card. (Also grammar)



[ So much stuff, and so little time. ]






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