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Videogame History Camp Program (Help Needed)


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Michael Morse, "Hey Atari Homebrew community, I need your help! I teach a Video Game History Camp for kids at a college during the summer and I have a problem: my 2600 console was lost in a recent move! Thankfully my carts were packed separately and made the trip, but are pretty useless right now without a system. Does anyone have a working console for sale at a reasonable price? Or possibly one you'd like to donate for the camp?

I've been watching Ebay but everything in my price range is untested and I don't have the money to gamble. I'd rather buy from someone in this community who actually cares about retro gaming anyway, instead of supporting garage sale flippers.


Today's retro game kids are tomorrow's homebrew programmers!"

Link to camp info page:http://tjcsummercamps.com/camp/video-game-history-7-16-to-7-20/


If anyone has an extra Atari 2600 laying around please donate or sell for a decent price to Michael Morse. There is a time crunch here so please help if you can. This is a great program for kids.

Also looking for Pong or Pong clone console.


Just reply or send me a message and I will give you Michael's contact information.


If you are on FaceBook his page is:https://www.facebook.com/TheRealMichaelMorse

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