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Hot Glue Gun Reccomendations?


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One of the things I've never had - hence I have no experience with - is a hot glue gun.


Over the years, I've ordered mods (or custom this-or-that) electronics-type stuff, and I am amazed at how well that stuff works, when receiving stuff that has been hot glued. That having been said, is there a "standard" (by which all others shall be judged?) hot glue gun? Order any generic unit? What's good, and what is wrong with what is not good? How do you clean these things, when done? Is there a hot glue gun 101 that I should read?


Thanks in advance, for any advice you can chime in with.



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I'm using a hot mini glue gun that I got from Walmart for a few dollars plus a 50-pack of mini sticks. They do take a few minutes to warm up but usually they can provide enough at a time to hold PCB board or wire. The lower temp version is also available but it's more for kids and for clumsy adults since it takes longer to heat up and can only provide less liquid glue at a time. I don't know how old it is but I think I got it back in mid 90s when things were still built to last. (like my first DVD player I got in 2001 also from Walmart, it still works today)


If you need to put out a lot of melted glue, you need to use a bigger (regular sized) glue gun. But I rarely use it since I don't need to coat everything in melted glue. Just a drop or 2 to hold wires and a bit more for mod boards.

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I actually use velcro to hold mod boards in place. Just wipe down the IC you want to attach it to with some alcohol to make sure it is clean before hand and that stuff will stick!


I have had to use hot glue on some panel mounts though to reinforce them. Although I've had some decent success with Gorilla glue lately. I prefer to NOT use it when ever possible. So you will see in my wiring that I tend to run the wires under components and such so that I don't have lots of glue or electrical tape all over the place.


But the glue gun I do use is a cheap one from Wal-mart or hobby lobby. Takes a few min to warm up but seems to do the business when I need it.

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I am familiar with a few types of glue guns, as I worked with my mother in costume jewelery enterprises.

Nowadays on the rare occasion I need gluing, I use a lighter to heat the end of the stick. If neccessary I Iet the end of the stick just barely catch on fire and drip a little.


I supose I do this to avoid the wait and get better adhesion. The annoying glue guns stay hot after use and tend to drip, posing a risk within my personal habituations


DISCLAIMER: This can be hazarsous if not performed meticulously. Hot glue stays hot, as it can reach rather high temperatures and stores a large volume of heat! Do not allow to contact skin or delicate valuables. I avoid breathing the fumes if the glue ignites or I use adequite ventilation.


Also use something like ceramic tile to set hot glue stick on when done.


But for high volume or constant use, a good no drip gun is a good thing to have.

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