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Intellivision Entertainment launching a NEW Intellivision console


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Agreed. It seems a lot more tuning is required now and more so probably will be required in the future. Hopefully, that means there will be a lot more products available too.


The one best way (and I've said it million time before) is to buy it at retail. Then you know you're getting something. And if it isn't to you your liking you can return it for a refund. No one is going to think less of you if you wait.


It's the complete opposite of miasmatic kickstarters & go-go's.

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I like the "lessons learned" approach that they're taking here. That also includes what sounds like creating a modest system with minimalist goals that should be easily achievable. There's something to be said for this refreshing restraint in essentially rebirthing a classic brand. I will watch this one closely.


That is encouraging, and I think there's a bit of a track record of incremental improvement, too. Recall the much-maligned original direct-to-TV all-in-ones we've loved to bad-mouth? Well, those did provide seed money. And the second generation of those was​ better - though I confess it's probably been 10 years or so since I've fired one up.


The Flashback was ​this close​ to perfect. The broken games (Tower of Doom, looking at you) was a huge letdown, and the slightly-off sound was disappointing. But it was a huge step forward. Again, seeing who's involved does inspire confidence that details like those won't be missed.

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And, seeing who's involved does inspire confidence that details like those won't be missed.

Why? Playing devil's advocate, I can just as easily imagine a bunch of "has beens" trying to find a way to cash in on their past glories by exploiting the opportunities provided by the recent interest in "80s retro" stuff.


I'm not saying that is the case at all. I just don't think that it is so obvious that this is a product that we would want.


I also don't accept the whole "the Direct-to-TV games funded the real stuff." Why should I have to buy a crappy product I won't use for you to sell me what I want? It's like I'm paying for the product twice. Just remove the façade of "affordability" and raise the R&D investment. Oh, that would make the product too expensive for the market? That's your problem; nobody is owed success for a bad business model. Don't hide it with platitudes and broken promises.


All that said, I will pay close attention to this. It will be interesting to find out what the product is once it is ready.



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I am pretty excited about the possibility of new hardware that connects to modern interfaces (HDMI TVs etc), plays the old games, plays some new games - as long as they are Intellivision games. Something "pick up and play". Maybe the new corp actively working with the independent publishers to put spotlight on new and innovative games to go with the console as well - Naberhood has some publishing muscle to sell Boulderdash but imagine if they had prominence on the Intellivision Lives site....


I can imagine the new company developing what amounts to an Intellivision III, now that the production cost would be a small fraction of what it would have been 35 years ago. And they won't need Black Whales or Blue Whales to make games. :) A console that plays evolutionary better games but will take a Christmas Carol or Sydney Hunter cart as well.


October isn't that far off!



#stayblocky my friends

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Hopefully there will be an overclock option. It's a phissycated system, but on some games it's a bit of a s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e . ;)

With many of the Mattel games, start by pressing disc for normal speed. If you press keypad 1 or keypad 2, these games will start at slower speeds.


Key selling points to me ..enable old intellivision games to be played online with others and a matchmaking system or ability to schedule a game session with others ...not that excited otherwise ...I would be willing to pay a small subscription fee for this

Intellivision has a lot of "for two players only" games. So Intellivision emulation with internet multiplayer support would be a nice feature. Intellivision emulators today either don't support internet multiplayer or can't do it properly.



A couple of minor things about the announcement. According to IntellivisionLives, The Major League Baseball cartridge came out in 1980 not 1979 and I guess it barely passes for speech. The APF Imagination Machine was a computer expansion to the APF game console that, according to Wikipedia, came out in 1979 well ahead of the Keyboard Component. APF did get the idea from Mattel who had shown a Keyboard Component mockup in January 1979 and released at test market in 1980.

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As retrogaming continues to go mainstream it becomes more and more important to tune out internet noise and simply wait for products to become available in real-physical-life.


Otherwise you'll be endlessly discussing and baggie-chasing these vaporware consoles AND NOT actually enjoy what the hobby has to offer.


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News roundup. Ahem....Nerd Alert!
























Movie Web










































USA Today














Lets not forget local news channel 48 WAFF from the Tennessee Valley!


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to be fair to the taco thread, tacos didn't start appearing til nearly 6 months after the initial announcement and well after the cracks had begun to show. this thing has a way better opening gambit, having some hard dates and a qna coming up makes me feel some cautious optimism

Why would they announce a console on Taco Tuesday though........

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This is catching my interest (and making me want to finally dust off my INTV stuff again). I would say I am cautiously optimistic about this announcement, but will sit back and see how things develop first. Only thing for me (yes, I know I'm a stick in the mud about this!) is I hope it isn't a totally download only console. I have a good connection now, but still have to watch my data rates and still prefer physical copies where possible. What I am kinda hoping is they are going to go somewhat in the Intellivision III or more likely the Intellivision IV route. What I do like is that this guy has brought in original Intellivision programmers and people to help and he is NOT promising the sky to everyone. If this does develop nicely, I will probably buy one myself.

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