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HELP with Sega Master System!

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I've scoured the internet in search of help fixing my SMS and now I turn to you. I'm hoping there's someone here who can help!


I recently got my hands on a SMS CIB that was in pretty rough shape since it had sat in a styrofoam box for some amount of years... it was pretty nasty. After some fiddling I got a game in the card slot to play, but no matter how many different ways I clean my game cart or the cartridge slot, I can't get a cart to play. Every time I just get the standard hang on/safari hunt default games. I've used erasers, isopropyl alcohol, window cleaner, pipe cleaners, you name it to clean both the slot and the game. There's no visible damage to either pins or slot. I'm at a loss. I can attach pictures if needed, but any suggestions are welcome!

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Do you mean the soldered pins under the slot? I'm not a soldering expert - but can I reflow from the bottom side of the circuit board? Thanks for the help!



Yes and while you have it apart look for broken traces or damage. You will need to remove the screws and take the entire pcb out of the bottom casing and then reflow the pins from the bottom side of the board.

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