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Intellivision help

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I have two Intellivision IIs. One turns on and doesn't display picture, but I think that's due to the super wiggly RCA port. I'll update this post once I investigate that.


The other Intellivision II turns on and displays... something. Lots of random dots, lines, etc. It kind of reminds me of when the RIOT chip was broken on my Atari 2600, but since I have zero Intellivision experience I have no idea what the cause of the issue could be. I've attached a video in hopes someone can help me diagnose the issue! I cracked open the thing and dusted it out. No clear corrosion or anything, but I'm ready to do some multimeter-ing if needed! Thanks in advance.


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The video looks similar to what I was getting with my Intellivision I (details here). The fault turned to to be one or both of the transistors near the CPU chip (CP 1610).


The Intellivision II board is somewhat different, obviously, but some of the other gurus who helped me will jump in here soon, I'm sure. Hopefully yours is as simple a fix as mine turned out to be.

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