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Override the numbers/digits displayed for score and use as "Text"


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I didn't want to crowd out Atari2600land's "Castle of Doom". I wanting to know how the score has the "Text" in it. I'm using the Mulitsprite Kernel with 32kSC and was wanting to use "Press Fire to Start Game" is that will even fit on there. I noticed Castle of Doom has 2 lines of text. Thanks if anyone can explain this to me or share some code I can look at.


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What I did was use a custom scoregraphics.inc file and replaced A-F with text. You can see how I did that with the attached file. So "PRESS FIRE TO START GAME" couldn't fit with just 6 extra score "digits," but "PRESS FIRE" probably would. To display the digits A-F, then you'd just probably do "score=$ABCDEF". Note the $, it is telling bB to use hexadecimal values instead of decimal. You'll also need the second file I attached to add and subtract scores as well.



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Thanks. I will try to look at this. I'm still trying to grasp and understand asm, titlescrren kernel etc. If not I will continue to use the "generic" place holder I have for now until I can figure it out and be comfortable using it.

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