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So you like eating grilled BBQ food between gaming breaks you say?


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And you need a portable BBQ grill because you are on the road with your portable game console? And you are in a VW bus? Well, this is for you!





All kidding aside, I won this thing (new) in a Memorial Day tricky tray that I put WAY to much money into. Why did I go for it? Well, a dozen beers drank in the sun and money in my hand to keep buying tickets for stuff I didn't need did not help one bit. But, I won it and now I have no idea what the heck to do with it. It's new, pretty cool, portable and will cook a few burgers and hotdogs for you. Anyone want this thing? $100 $60 and its yours, and I will cover shipping. By the way, like how I tied gaming into this thing? ;)



BTW, I also won a Fender guitar. Ever feel like taking a break from Guitar Hero and.... ;)

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Oh I'm sure, I was just expecting pixelmischief to man up and say what was on his mind. It's a visual perception test, people read into a picture all kinds of ways. ;)



It literally took me reading this thread to get your avatar. I guess I just always looked at it as just being your avatar without thinking about what it meant.

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