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Cool Pirate nes Mario 3 cart- Midnight game buys lol.

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So someone on facebook was selling nes games and I messaged them, long story short he sold me nes, snes, and n64 games. I met up after midnight at a gas station, my wife says I'm crazy lol.


So at the meet he brought this out and asked me if I knew what it was. I told him it was a pirate cart of some kind and probably had some type of Mario game on it.


I was not expecting a 100% identical Mario 3 game, I expected some kind of weird Mario knock-off, but it is simply Mario 3.


What's more crazy is all the chips on this board lol. I know the original has the chr, prg, mapper, cic and w-ram, but all of these chips are simply dip, man I want to dump them all, find suitable eproms and print these boards LOL. I will have to find an nes that I have not disabled the lock-out to see if it plays in it. I tested on my toploader which I knew it would work.


I originally figured it to be like a $20 game? Thoughts on value?








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100 percent pirate cart. That long chip is just a 3rd party means to mimic the MMC3. I've actually seen it all done in TTL logic in the past which was super crazy.


Here is Kevin Horton's write up on this exact same cart you have:




Awesome, I was pretty sure it was a pirate myself, that link is cool. I was hoping it was a pirate and not some crazy proto worth a billion $$ as I want to keep it haha.

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