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Amiga optical mouse for Amiga


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I was wondering if there is a good value optical mouse for the Amiga without an adapter yet and is it available for $35 or less.


I have seen the SNES optical mouse by Hyperkin for $19 and a laser optical replacement board for the amiga mice for about $70 - at least twice what I would be interested in paying. Although this appears to be a very fancy board, with adjustable sensitivity and lift distance.


It seems like the Amigas have the most diverse support for modern hardware solutions that I would be surprised one doesn't exist yet for a reasonable price.


Also surprised there isn't a C64 one. Maybe people are satisfied enough with usb mouse adapters.


Edit: In the way of explanation, I have a couple amiga mice and trackballs, but they tend to have at least one direction or button getting wonky. I tried fixing a C64 mouse like that once and killed it, so a new optical Amiga mouse and C64 mouse would be welcome.

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Are you sure you wouldn't want to go for an adapter? This one's pretty awesome (and even acts as a switch so that you can change to game controller when you need to without having to unplug-plug cables):




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I own the black version of this one from Amigakit and it works very well. It is a few dollars over your $35 price however.




I am put off by the size of the plug on that thing. I would have expected something like that from AmigaKit to be molded.


I also see the Cocolino is only $25. BITD I paid twice that much for each of mine, but these are great to use ANY optical PS/2 mouse and not as clunky as most of the Amiga-to-USB interfaces.

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I think I saw a kit somewhere to convert the tank mouse to an optical mouse, but i don't remember wher I've seen it....

It's a pcb replacement.


I saw this one, it was $70 euros, but very adaptable in both x and y dpi, separately, and lift detection (1-5mm).

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