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Putt18 cart now available for the Atari 8-bit computers.


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Available for $39.95. Will run on any Atari 8-bit computer from 16K to 64K, 400,800, 600XL, 800XL, 1200XL, 65XE, 130XE, XEGS. One or Two Joysticks. This, along with HeliCommander and our latest cartridge games designed to play on just about any stock Atari 8-bit computer with intentions to port over to the Atari 5200, by limiting RAM use to the first 16K block. Other games are still available, Delta Space Arena, Megaoids, Amok Bots, Tile Smashers, and Laser Blast X.

The game using the joystick to move the pointer / "putter club" around. There are two modes. The default is that you set the pointer to where you want to aim the ball at, hold the fire button down for how hard you want to hit it, and release. The other is similar to how the Atari 2600 Miniature golf works, the pointer / square bock represents a putter golf club, and how hard the ball is hit is based on the distance the club is from the ball. I remember my brothers and I having fun with 2600 miniature golf and purposely put the square in the opposite corner of the screen and hit the ball just to see how long it will go bouncing around the screen. Over the years, I made various miniature golf games using Basic on various machines. I lost my original Atari Basic version of the game. One day Video 61 suggested doing a miniature golf game in ML and put it on cartridge.

Since some of the options and controls for this game may cause things for odd behavior, I am putting this up as a technical support thread. One thing people had some difficulty with is starting the game in "distance to putter" mode and when they point where they want to aim the ball at, when they press fire, the ball instantly flies away from the pointer. To make this easy to know which mode you start with, The "Aim at Target" mode looks like a plus or cross, and "Distance to Putter" aka 2600 mode looks like a square with a plus inside it (inverted.)

One feature this game does have is when you hit the space bar, a score card pops up. It will do that through the pause on the 5200. There is no point in having pause with a miniature golf game because you can just put the joystick down if you need to walk away to do something.

There are 4 different Miniature Golf courses, some holes are real challenging. The moving obstacles can disabled. The game using some Super-IRG so it can appear a few more colors are present, majority of the holes only have a few pixels alternating at 50/60 frames per second. I kept the luminance levels within 2 values of each other so there is no noticeable flicker on PAL displays. Wide Over scan mode with Horizontal Fine scroll is also in use, so on some wide screen displays, the right screen static may be visible. HOZSCR is set so the right screen static is down to one pixel. All the holes are drawn using the central 42 characters so there should not be anything off the screen.


thanks for looking,

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