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[#043] No, seriously. I've been gone for a long time, and I will most likely keep up this trend and only "check in" a few times year.

My last blog post was February 2017, and my last topic post on the board was in December 2017 (in the Secret Santa thread, and I feel bad for never letting my Secret Santa know he/she did a great job with my presents).

So what's new with me is after working for one company for 16+ years I finally ditched them and went to a "rival company" and have been there for over a year now, doing 50+ hours a week.

Last month, my second child was born. Another daughter. Up until the very end my wife and I argued over the kid's name. I came up with both names "Victoria" and "Camille" and wanted her name to be Victoria Camille. Wife wanted Camille Victoria, and since I didn't push the baby out of me, she got final say. However, I got the last laugh because essentially she's named after a Street Fighter II character named Cammy. That's literally what I got the name from. So ha.

Cammy's big sister is batshit crazy about her. My wife is batshit crazy in general. So we're all good.

I haven't coded any games, but I have been playing the shit out of my Nintendo Switch. As much as I love playing Splatoon 2, I'm only slightly above average in my skills compared to other players. The game has a really weird following. I'm in two Facebook groups and there's a lot of questionable people/photos/comments.

My recent obsession has been Hyrule Warriors, which is a Dynasty Warriors game set to The Legend of Zelda. Might be my favorite Zelda title since Link's Awakening (my all-time favorite game, ever), As great as Breath of the Wild looks, I can't get into it because there's TOO MUCH content and it gives me anxiety.

Switch owners should be on the lookout for the anniversary re-release of Flashback: Quest for Identity. Look the Amazon preorder and comes with a lot of cool bonus stuff. Also there's an indie game called Gridd coming out soon. It's basically a third person Tron Light Cycles, with music than sounds dangerously close to the Tron Legacy soundtrack.

One more game I should mention is Time Recoil. Find it on the Switch eShop right now. Best game of 2017 in my opinion.

I started collecting Sega Saturn stuff again....maybe I'll get into that in another blog. But for now I wanna thank a dude named Roger B for hooking me up with the Panzer Dragoon Saga reproduction discs for FREE so that I can finally play this legendary game for the first time ever. If you're on Facebook, look up the Saturn Junkyard group.

Until next time..

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