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I went back to work programming my Pokemon Party Mini 2 game. I added in a snail-like Pokemon for the Electrode game. Someone suggested a snail wasn't Pokemon-y enough, so I went to work creating sprites for the snail like Pokemon called a Magcargo. After a few hours I actually got him in the game and working, moving right to left like a snail would. The next step is to make him move up and down, the whole point of the game is having the Electrode Pokemon avoiding the snail one while collecting lightning bolts.

And after that, I'll do collision detection for the lightning bolts and for the snail-type Pokemon. Although I've had a Pokemon Mini for 5 years(!) I still don't know that much about the world of Pokemon. It seems interesting that there's so many of them, and people memorize their names and what they look like and stuff. I don't have that kind of a memory to do that, though. One day, hopefully before I die, that Pokemon Mini flash cart will get finished and I'll get one and see my Pokemon Mini games I've made on it. But that seems like wishful thinking, though, it seems like it's never going to come out. Same thing with the Jaguar flash cart. I want both.

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