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Best local multi-player games for Xbone?

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aww come on, is your Google broken? https://twinfinite.net/gallery/top-best-couch-co-op-games-on-xbox-one/


As someone who likes old games, you should definitely have Rare Replay



I'd also think about the EA Vault subscription -- thirty bucks a year for all the sports games you can choke down. I hate sports games and I think this is a good deal.


I also like Super Mega Baseball, which just got a free sequel if you have GOLD.

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What do you like first of all.


Halo master chief collection is great if you and your friends are into fps.


I'd say best deal would be rare replay, covering 30~ish years of games, many are local multiplayer games.


If your constructive, or destructive, Minecraft is a lot of fun, though nothing pretty to look up, and still supports single system co-op.


I don't have much else so I don't really know.

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