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Mobile view is borked on ios12 beta

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I like the iOS12 beta thus far, it's fast and reliable -- much more so than most first iOS betas I've tried.


The mobile view for AtariAge doesn't render correctly, unfortunately. There's too much header and not enough space to see what you're typing. For some reason, the URL page is full size instead of small. This is the only site where I've noticed this behavior.


I don't expect AtariAge to fix this, I'm just pointing it out so folks are aware. It won't be fully released until the fall when the new iPhones come out, hopefully long after AtariAge's forums are upgraded to use the responsive site instead of a mobile skin.

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Here's what I mean. The keyboard takes up too much room, so you can't see what you're typing. This is what you see when you hit "reply" to a message. You can type, but it all goes under the keyboard, even with predictive text turned off, so you can't see what you're doing. It works fine with the desktop skin, but that's too small to use if you're of the age of an Atari player like me.




The other "unfortunate" thing about iOS12 is the new Screen Time feature, which you can use to tell exactly what apps and sites have been using up all your time. I'm not showing you mine.

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