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jzIntv and AVI Capture?

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Hey all. I am not sure if I have a codec problem or jzIntv config issue. I ran a game and did [F8]-[A] and get this error in the command window:



Error: Could not open 'avi_0010.avi' for AVI.



No file records. Does anyone else experience this? I am using the latest jzIntv bits (http://spatula-city.org/~im14u2c/intv/dl/jzintv-20180509-win32.zip).




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jzIntv records in whatever working directory it was launched in. If it doesn't have write permissions in that directory, then it won't be able to write.


The fact it tried to open "avi_0010.avi" says there's an "avi_0000.avi" through "avi_0009.avi". Do those files exist, and are they non-empty? Or is this an artifact of trying the AVI record 10 or 11 times? :-)


jzIntv's AVI encoder is built in, so there shouldn't be any sort of codec issue. I don't rely on external codec DLLs, thankfully. Instead, I use a variant of nanochess' ZMBV encoder, and it's compiled right in.

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