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Question For AtariProtos


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Hi. Am curious to know if anyone has recently tried to acquire permission to publish the

prototypes of AD&D Treasure Of Tarmin and Tower Of Mystery on the 2600?

Either as ROMs or on cartridges. Does Hasbro/ Wizards Of The Coast still defend the

copyright as the review implies?


Thanks for your time.

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Matt can probably answer this better then I can, but the AD&D people are only half the problem (complication) involved. In fact, probably less then half. The real stick in the mud which has these (and other) Mattel Electronics 2600 protos in limbo is the INTV Blue Sky Rangers.

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As far as I know the licensing makes it impossible to release them. I dont know if its possible to just rename them and release them or not. The Intellivision guys would have to answer that.


Oh and despite what some people have said, I dont have the roms. Sorry to disappoint.

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