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Will a UK Atari 2600 system(240 V) work in Denmark? (220-230V)


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Hi there Atari enthusiasts!

I just did my first foray into retro gaming, and grabbed an Atari 2600 (Light Sixer) from eBay. It comes with av-mod, games and controllers - the whole nine yards.

However, the system is from the UK - with a UK power supply. I live in Denmark.

As some of you might know, before 2003 European contries (such as Denmark) had a 220 V, 50 HZ power grid. The United Kingdom had a 240 V, 50 Hz power grid. Now they both have 230 V, 50 Hz. However, I heard that nothing really changed. UK power grid is still in around 240, whereas the european countries are 220-230 V. Modern appliances are just more forgiving and can be used both places.

On the power supply itself to the Atari i Purchased; it says input: 240 V.

My question is this: Can i plug this directly into a Danish socket (without converting the voltage, but just using a wall adapter) or will that damage my system? Do i have to buy a Danish/European PSU that accepts 220V?

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The chances of damaging your system or the 240V adapter by using a converter to plug it straight in to 220V are pretty minimal. You may have issues with low input voltage (and current) to the 2600, though.


Having said that, I've run 240V equipment (including an 800XL and 1040ST) on 220V before with no problems, and that was well before the 'standardisation' of 230V. However, if you're really concerned, a generic power adapter capable of supplying the 9V that the 2600 needs will work fine; just match the amperage.


I will point out that even in 240V-land where I used to live, it wasn't uncommon for line voltage to sit around 220V for extended periods of time. This was in pre-UPS days, and everything seemed to survive the ordeal icon_wink.gif

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Also note that the Atari itself takes 9V DC with positive polarity. It is not magic by any means, so if you have an universal power adaptor capable of those settings and enough amps (0.5A? 1A?), you could use it directly, just be careful with the polarity.


For that matter, I've used a number of devices with British connector on Swedish outlet using an adaptor with no problems. However I tend to try to at least change the connector so I can get rid of the adaptor.

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