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I decided to work on the game over screen for Hamburgers on Game Gear. After considering it, I didn't want to go with just a simple "Game over" message. It's old, tired, and cliche. So I decided to go with "you died." And, after a half-hour's work, this is what I have:

Some somber music is planned but not in the game quite yet. Here's what I have left to do:


+ compose game over music
+ make game ending music and screen
+ make sure game works on real Game Gear
+ make nuggets appear way less often
+ change number of milkshakes shot to end level to 143.

Once the game is finished, I would like to put it on cartridge and sell it. But I don't know of any place that sells Game Gear homebrew games. I thought it a miracle that there's even an Everdrive for the Game Gear.

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