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Hidden Gems / Values?


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Recently picked up an Atari 400 and 800 lot with a bunch of game carts and accessories. Anything stand out as extremely rare/valuable or games that are super fun?

River Rescue
European Scene Jigsaw Puzzles Vol 2
Super Cubes and Slip
Cribbage & Dominos
Logic Levels
Computer War
Return of the Jedi
Jumbo Jet Pilot
Pole Position
Atari Graphics with light pen
Submarine Comander
Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom
Robotron 2084
Computer Chess
Music Composer
Missle Command
2x Asteroids
2x Centipede
2x Pac-Man
2x Soccer
2x Star Raiders
2x Donkey Kong
2x Basic Computing Language
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Best way to find out if there's fun stuff in there...Play it!


Seriously, we all like different stuff so you are the perfect checker here...Boot these bad boys up and see what you think..


If the real question was value to sell on then the real best place in the sales auctions side of the forum, its more people in to pricing, we in this forum are more users and players and as Adam says they are not rare or worth that much but they will sell but I suggest a good play, you might just like them and want to keep 'em :)



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