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need help with Genesis model 1 expansion port, with Sega cd/everdrive


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As a test, with my Sega CD running, I would like to disable the RESET button on my Genesis, from resetting the Sega CD back to its title screen & ejecting the tray.


I've been looking at the expansion port diagrams online of the model 1 Genesis, to see which pin handles the RESET function, but I don't know abbreviations for that system, the only thing I see is DISK, so idk if that's where the connection is when you press the RESET button?


The point for all of this, is that I have a hard reset function via button combination with my 6 button controller, which takes me back to the Mega Everdrive menu, I can exit back from both Gen/32x, but not within the Sega CD. I want to be able to get back to my menu from within the Sega CD, but I need to disable the RESET function.*


If anyone knows which trace to sever, please let me know, thanks!


Edit - Or, is there a way to change the Sega CD, from checking if a cartridge is connected or not, to always present? Cause from the Everdrive I'm able to select any CD bios file to start the system, so I don't need the Sega CD looking to get permission.*


Please help! Thanks!

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